Saturday, November 26, 2016

Writing Articles on InfoBarrel for Passive Income

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How to Generate Passive Income

Can you really generate passive income writing InfoBarrel articles? If you aren't aware by now, one of the best ways to start generating passive income, is writing articles online.

If you're much like me, I had very little technical experience in creating a website, and merely had a working understanding of html.

But, I had a passion for writing and it has helped to earn me a passive income every month writing on topics and subjects I knew about.

After two years of graduating college, I'm still struggling to pay of pesky student loans. I've been writing online for a year, and making a steady $150-$300 per month.

That is all passive income, meaning the articles I've written thus far is earning every single day without the need of my full attention.

There is time set aside for minor upkeep, updating, or just general improvements you want to add to any particular article, which is only a couple of hours a week.

But this was only investing a very limited amount of time I had to write articles.

Now that I see the potential first hand, I plan to create a free website with Weebly, including starting a blog, and invest three times as much effort this year writing InfoBarrel articles to earn more passive income.

If you're just starting out, a simple way to ease yourself into the world of online freelance writing is to write for revenue-based writing platforms.

Such as, HubPages or InfoBarrel. IB is easier to get started with for most new writers, and preferred for the following two reasons. With IB you won't need your own Goggle Adsense account, whereas you will need one to earn with HubPages.

Also, with InfoBarrel you are given 75/25 impression share with, whereas HubPages offers a 60/40 of traffic on your articles. Additionally, both sites allow you to earn with related Amazon products placed within your articles.


Why would anyone choose Hubpages over InfoBarrel?

  • HP has more traffic and is much bigger than IB.
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  • Including more fellow writers helping and sharing ideas in the forum.
  • Earning potential is greater with HubPages earning program
  • Better earning potential with Amazon

However, if you do not currently have an Adsense account with Google, it may prove too daunting a task to get one primarily through HubPages.

Most members concur you need at least 15-20 well written articles, all of which require between 900-1200 words per article and 2-3 months time to mature after said articles have been published to be approved for an Adsense account.

But immediately after signing up for InfoBarrel, you can start writing and earning from your articles, which is why most people are comfortable with starting with InfoBarrel to get their feet wet.

You will need a Paypal account to be paid, to motivate you here is a quick run-down of my earnings per total article portfolio on both InfoBarrel and HubPages.

First 4 months: I had written about 60 articles, that was earning me $80-$100 of monthly passive income.

8 months: I had 130 articles, and made roughly $140-$180 every month. 12 months : I had about 180 articles earning $150-300 monthly.

So, this upcoming year I will devote much more time to expanding my writing to other platforms, such as my own blog and website. Of course leaving the work I've done thus far on HubPages and InfoBarrel to continue earning me passive income.

But one piece of advice I can convey is to manage expectations. It takes time to get into the groove of freelance writing online.

But if you write quality content that you're passionate about, the traffic and the money in time, will come. I wish you the best of luck on your goal to generate a passive income writing InfoBarrel articles!

If you're looking for a user-friendly way to generate a passive income online, writing for InfoBarrel might just be the perfect fit. 

I've been a freelance writer online for a couple of years now and at this point I thought I would expand to different methods of earning more passive income. 

 I've been hearing about the revenue sharing site Infobarrel for awhile but was too preoccupied with my blogs and other revenue sharing sites, such as Squidoo, which is no more, shutting down and was acquired by HubPages.

As with any sound financial decisions, you shouldn't keep all your eggs in one basket, so I decided to write a few articles for InfoBarrel.

Before I committed a steady amount of time writing more content for InfoBarrel, I chose to leave the five articles I wrote to see what traffic and ultimately earnings would be like..