Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How to Earn Passive Income With Hubpages

best residual income
passive residual income
There are many ways to make a passive income stream with HubPages. Write and publish articles that will continue earning money while you sleep!

There are many ways to make a passive income stream with HubPages. 

Once you have a free account with them adding the following revenue streams to your published content is actually very simple.

You have several possibilities to make money with HubPages. The primary ones include: The HubPages earning program, Google Adsense, Amazon Program, Ebay Program.

As a writer, you can choose a combination of any of these monetization opportunities. Since you are using the platform, you are sharing the revenue generated with HubPages.

The benefit is that you get to write as much or as little as you want to. The platform is well-developed and established, which enables for better affiliate marketing opportunities.

"Hubbers" also have the freedom to write on multiple topics as opposed to building their own sites. If you enjoy sports and cooking you could write Hubs on both topics.

It would not be as easy to write about these same topics on your own site and have much success because you would be mixing keywords.

Try to focus on Google Adsense and the HubPages earning program.

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best sources of passive income
When it comes to Amazon, you get a percentage from each sale referred through one of your articles. You need to be advertising really expensive products or you need to have hundreds of referrals to make money through this opportunity.

Though it has worked fine for some, I found the Amazon program difficult(for now) to monetize successfully. 

There aren't any guarantees when you use a site like HubPages to earn extra income. The site could go down. They could change the way Hubbers generate income. 

There are a number of things that could go wrong. However, I believe the potential to make decent income is there and it is another avenue I will be using to help build my passive income stream.

Lastly, remember that the real work starts after you have published the work. Focus on marketing, social media sharing and link building.

If you execute the strategy correctly, you will find yourself capable of making money with the particular hub for many years to come. So, start your journey in making a passive income stream with Hubpages today!

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